Kayla Kleevage and Shane Diesel Anniversary!

Shane and I have been together for several years now and one day he came home with flowers for our anniversary! I was tired and laying in bed and didn’t even realize what day it was, but he remembered! I was so over joyed because men don’t usually remember that stuff. I immediately was over come with all the hotness I felt for him the time I met him. I know he was tired from a long day at work but I knew he needed some hot loving and I needed it too! So everybody, enjoy the scene of Shane and I enjoying our hot anniversary by watching me suck his huge cock and fucking him really deep. He made me chum so hard. I hope he enjoyed it as much as I did!
Kayla Kleevage and Shane Diesel Anniversary!


Karen Fisher and Alura Jensen Big Tit 3some

My friend Alura came over and she was really depressed. All her dates had canceled on her in the past month. She was starting to get a complex and just wanted to get fucked! What is a good friend to do? Her date canceled and my boyfriend was coming over..yes! Lets have a threesome! Alura needed a good hard fuck and I was there to help. We get our pussies pounded in every way possible. My boyfriend shot his load in my mouth and I shared his creamy load with Alura licking it out of my mouth 🙂

Karen Fisher And Alura Jenson Big Tit 3some


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Karen’s husband went out of town and the first thing she does is call her favorite big black cock to come over and pleasure her. She was waiting for him on the bed when he arrived. They wasted no time getting naked and fucking. Karen took a pounding with her big tits flopping all over the place. He banged her big round ass till he shot his creamy load!

Karen Fisher Is A Cheating Big Tit MILF


Cumbag Whore Kayla Kleevage Gets Creampie From BBC

I had mentioned previously that I like the whole concept behind the Breeding Bench videos and that I plan on doing quite a few of them when the opportunity presents itself. There is just something about being hooked up to the bench and having the shit fucked out of me that really gets me wet! I met Gemini on Craig’s List and he hustled right over to take care of my lust for big black cock. Gemini did a good job dominating me sexually and verbally degrading. He fucked me in all my service holes and then blew a giant sized load of black semen deep in my cunt hole. You can’t see how much cum he pumped into me as it runs out and down my well used ass hole! Enjoy beating off to this one and pretending it’s your load seeping out of my open pussy lips. Love Kayla

Cumbag Kayla Gets A Creampie From BBC


Dancing For Big Black Cock Kayla Kleevage and Jody Breeze

What more can I say about Jody Breeze. He has a nice powerful muscular body, great personality, huge rock hard dick and he always produces a thick wad of sperm for me. I could worship his big black cock and balls all day long! This is one of my favorite scenes with Jody so I’ve decided to up load all the footage from the shoot that day. He absolutely drives me wild when he looks me in the eyes as he grunts his load deep inside of me. You’ll be seeing a lot of Jody here at kaylakleevage.com. Why you might ask? Because Kayla loves the way he fucks! That’s why. I have masturbated to this video 10 or 12 times already and hopefully you will too. Enjoy. Love Kayla

Kayla Kleevage Dances For Big Black Cock


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Ava invited a black dude with a 13 inch cock she had met on a dating website over for dinner. This guy was especially interesting to Ava since she had seen pictures of his long thick black rod. Once he got in her apartment she could not wait to she his big black snake. Ava gave him a messy, dirty talking, sweaty blowjob before dinner was served!

Ava Devine has dinner party with 13 inch BBC.


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Alexis loves big black cock. She likes it even better filling her nice round ass. Alexis gets her way with some hot chocolate takes a pounding to her tight ass hole. This blonde hard body MILF loves to have xxx fun and it shows in this video!


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Sometimes when I have some free time I like to cruz Craigslist looking for big black dick. I go to the casual encounter section and put BBC in the search window. In Las Vegas there are always one or two huge black cock pictures that get me horny as hell. So I decided to contact them and see if they would like to meet me at the local adult theater so I could worship their giant black cock! One of the things about me that separates me from other BBC whores is that I have a very high sex drive. Kinda like you guys have. If there is no BBC around to stuff my holes I like to masturbate and beat off to pictures and videos of black men with super sized cocks and big hanging balls! I like to watch them stretch out petite first time young little blondes just like you do. When ever I got to the adult theater to suck off black guys I never know how things are going to turn out. On this particular trip I got extremely lucky. There were quite a few black guys on hand the other night. I went straight to the back of the theater and announced that I was a cum dump station for the black guys only and everyone else would have to watch and jerk themselves off. I gave all the black guys blow jobs and they either came on my face or I swallowed their loads. One guy really caught my attention. It was the bull I had met on Craig list with the huge black uncut dick with low hanging big balls. As soon as I saw him in person I got weak in the knees and my cunt juices stated to flow. I love his big beautiful uncut cock and I’m not ashamed to say it openly in public! He is a very handsome, very large and very powerful uncut black bull. Just what I’ve always dreamed of. The next day I was so horny and nervous but I called him up and invited him over. The rest they say is history. I have finally found A big black bull of my own! I’m absolutely sure there will be other breeding sessions with him but this is my very first. His black bull cock is so big and he is so strong and powerful! I begged him to fuck me hard and I begged him to breed me with his potent bull seed! He was more than happy to oblige. He grabbed me buy the hips and plowed his huge cock into my pussy and I could feel his hard cock bottoming out against my cervix. I pleaded once again for his sperm load and he let out a loud grunt as he pumped his full load deep into my womb. I gotta tell you it made me feel wonderful to just lay back and let his bull sperm flow into my belly! Later on I sucked and worshiped his beautiful black cock again and swallowed more of his potent black seed. I can’t wait to have him back over for seconds and thirds and fourths…. From now on he will be my primary big black bull and he can use me when ever he wants. Love always, Kayla

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When every I’m in LA shooting videos or just hagin’ out my good friend Randy Rodman let’s me stay at his pad in the Hollywood Hills. Randy has quite a stable of hot sluts so It makes me feel special that he likes me to stay with him at his crib. Plus he is a fabulous lover with an awesome huge black rod. I love the way he massages my feet and sucks my toes. That kind of four play gets my shaved pussy dripping wet! Randy sucked my toes and fucked me real good after I worshiped his big black cock. Randy prefers to have me kneel in front of him while I hoist up my big fake tits. Then he just pumps his creamy warm load on my face! Randy let me have a hard orgasm too. This is a cool opportunity to see one of the biggest Daddies in LA fuck one of his favorite big black cock whores. Enjoy a good jerk session! Love Kayla

Kayla Kleevage Gets Her Shaved Pussy Pounded By Huge BBC