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Karen Fisher Is A Cheating Big Tit MILF


BJ With A 13 inch Thick BBC

A purple hair hard body slut comes in and gives a thick 13 inch big black cock a blow job he won’t soon forget. In return for her hard work the slut gets a face full of creamy white cum. She loved it!

BJ With A 13 inch Thick BBC


Hitomi – Shiny In Latex

Shiny In Latex

Shiny In Latex

It’s been over two years since Hitomi went to the Dominican Republic and met Joana, Valory Irene and Sha Rizel to shoot the DVD SCORE On Location. It seems like it was just a few months ago, not two years. Four of the world’s greatest big-bust covergirls of SCORE and Voluptuous magazines: Hitomi from Japan, Joana from Romania and Sha and Valory from Ukraine. A United Nations of busty babes. Someone has to hold down the fort so I didn’t go, but I got to live it through all the videos the team brought back.

It’s amazing to think that it’s been over four years since Hitomi debuted in the January 2012 SCORE with a photo shoot made in Japan. We couldn’t have guessed at the time that Hitomi would eventually become a regular at SCORE and even model in Miami last year.

SCORELAND members may be used to Hitomi, a three-time SCORE Model of the Year winner with seven magazine covers, but to the average person who doesn’t know who she is, Hitomi is a wonder. When she visited Miami after the Caribbean trip, Dave and some of the staff took her out to South Beach for the evening before she flew off to Tokyo. Even though Hitomi was covered up in a black sweater, her chest and her hourglass shape made people turn around as Hitomi strolled Lincoln Road, a busy tourist area. They could see there was something very special about her even if they didn’t recognize her.

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Desiree – "Cum on my face!"

“Cum on my face!”

When a girl like Desiree says, “Cum all over my face,” you do as she says.

Besides, how many times in your life has a girl who looks like Desiree said that to you? Probably not many, if any. But that’s what SCORELAND2 is for: So you can hear girls who look like Desiree saying things like that.

Desiree first came to our studio in 2001. Back then, her tits were big by mainstream standards but not by our standards. Then she had a growth spurt. Her tits grew and grew. When she returned to our studio in 2011, we couldn’t believe our eyes. She wanted to fuck, too.

“A lot of guys can’t keep up with me,” Desiree said. “They cum too fast or they don’t want to have sex when I do. It was no fun for me. The guys I sleep with can’t even last, like, two minutes in my vagina. They never even tit-fucked me. There is no way that those guys can try and fuck my ass!”

She figured porn studs could take care of her in ways that the guys in her life couldn’t.

“I went over what I wanted to do at SCORE with their studio people, and that’s when I realized that I wanted to do XXX and not just solo modeling,” she said.

Good move.

“Cum on my face,” Desiree moans in this video. “Cum all over my face.”

Nut sauce, coming right up!

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Alanna Ackerman – Big Boob Squealer

Big Boob Squealer

Big Boob Squealer

Alanna Ackerman said she’s a sex freak. She’s a Florida girl and is used to wearing skimpy little outfits that show everything all year long. “I love sex more than life itself. I have a huge nipple fetish so I love looking at girls that have big tits. I can’t go a day without fucking. I’m also a chronic masturbator.

“Sex in a photo shoot and video can be more exciting than private sex because I’m going to be watched by so many guys that I want to look as hot as I can. The sex is a show. The clothes, the shoes, the dirty positions, being a slave to the man’s cock. In real life, in private, a girl can coast. But if she wants to attract the attention of thousands of guys, and keep their attention, it’s a way different story.”

How many guys has Alanna fucked in her life, on-and-off screen?

“I stopped keeping track when I was 18. At some point you just have to give up. Dont worry though. I remember every guy by something he did I liked or maybe he was just really hot.”

Does she get together with girlfriends and describe their hottest sexual encounters and the guys they’ve had with the biggest cocks?

“I guess you could say this is where I am a little selfish. I don’t like to give the girls names, but, yes, sometimes we chat about the last hot piece of ass we got. I am just not too quick to give out my favorites, the ones I want for myself.”

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Melissa Mandlikova – Knocked up

Knocked up

Knocked up

Filming pregnant girls has always been an edgy topic. We’d get pro and con emails and letters whenever we ran pregnant photos and videos with more coming in when the girl was well-known, such as Letha Weapons, than if she was unknown. When Lorna Morgan posed pregnant, one of our longtime readers K.S. offered his opinion. This was the last paragraph in a lengthy email.

“It’s just not boner-inducing (to me, anyway) to be confronted with another guy’s conquest. I don’t want to know about that, I don’t need to know about that. Any other aspect of a model’s personal life she wishes to divulge is fine, though.”

But for every anti-preggo guy, there was a preggo fan, and they’d write in too. Our reader poll yielded about equal pro and con results. Some didn’t care either way.

More recently, there’s been a shift in attitude by the readers about photographing girls with a baby on board. Guys don’t make a fuss about it like they used to. It’s similar in a way to how the readers have accepted married women posing, such as Shelby Gibson. We rarely get negative emails, and almost all of the responses have been positive. The past few years, we’ve filmed pregnant Natalie Fiore, Casey Deluxe, Shyla Shy, Bailey Santana, Micky Bells and Katarina Dubrova (who did several pregnant fuck scenes but only with her boyfriend). The latest is Roxanne Miller at XLGirls.com.

So when we learned that slinky and stacked natural Melissa Mandlikova from the movies Hooter Hotel and Busty Riding Academy got knocked up, we set up a photo shoot. It’s been 10 years since Melissa’s debut in December 2006 SCORE magazine. There’s some early Melissa on SCORELAND2, so take a quick look to see what her body looked like before her baby daddy knocked her up.

Here, Melissa is six-months pregnant but looks nine-months. Her bump is huge. Her tits look more than twice the size they were before pregnancy, and her pale areolae have turned a dark brown (so dark that Melissa’s nipples look camouflaged). At first, Melissa was unsure about posing pregnant. Then she changed her mind.

Some readers have suggested that we shoot a pregnant girl once every month until childbirth and then after if she’s lactating (which is often part of pregnant modeling). But I haven’t seen that even by studios that specialize in pregnant girls.

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