Karen Fisher is a bounced check bitch!

Karen had ordered a new PDA cell phone, and it wasn’t quite “right”. She thought it was something technical, so she called to have someone come by her house to look at it… What she didn’t realize was, that it’s functions were not activated, because the check she wrote for it bounced! Well, Gerald, our Bounced Check Bitch collector, was the man who showed up, and he told Karen the situation. She had no money on hand, and rather than give up her new phone…Gerald made her an offer that he would not let her refuse! He’d go to his ATM and get the money to take care of things, as long as Karen “took care of him”! Karen was relieved to get this debit cleared up. She got down on her knees and sucked his cock over the couch, in her living room, and she even forced take his load in her Mouth! At least she got to keep her phone!

Hot blonde MILF holds up cell phone.

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