Fiery Stripper Pole Muscles

Ultra sexxy Iron Fire is strutting her muscles on a stipper pole.
Ultra sexxy Iron Fire is strutting her stuff in a unique venue here on the stripper pole.
Watch her work her magic up and down the pole, posing for you her awesome muscles n physique . . . stripping for you to show off even more of that incredible musculature. She gets down to topless and pec bounces the pole, incredibly sexxy. Sit back and get ready to really be entertained as if you were in a gentleman’s club . . . a muscle gentleman’s club!!!

Iron Fire is continuuing her stripper pole dance getting down on the stage and crawling around, she is topless and bounces her pecs over and over again for you. She then takes the action to the floor where she really gets down n sexxy for your eyes only!!!

IronFire is definitely on fire in this video. She is on the ground posing her awesome muscles for you, moving so sexxily for you and then she strips down to the buff and humps away at the couch pillow with some wild hair flying thru the air!
Click there to see more of this muscle hottie!


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