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Karen Fisher, Alura Jenson, And A Hard Cock

Karen and Alura get together and after talking about Alura’s boyfriend problems they decide to call 1-800-DialaDick to the rescue! Alura wants need to get laid so Karen makes the call and before you know it, both these hot blonde MILF’s with big tits are getting their shaved pussies banged!

Karen Fisher, Alura Jenson, And A Hard Cock

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Karen Fisher Gets A Big toy from Mr. Big

One of my long time members, Mr. Big, sent me a package in the mail. He told me he was sending me some special toys and wanted me to do a photo shoot for him with them. When I opened the package I was surprised at what a large size toy he sent me. Shame on you Mr. Big!! lol I guess that is where you got your nickname from? haha Well I shot these pictures for him and I must say, the size felt really really good in my pussy! Thank you Mr. Big. I shot these thinking of you 🙂
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Black Thug Slut

Celeste finds this black thug in her bath when she comes home, and so she won’t tell the cock she bribes him into fucking.
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Fiery Stripper Pole Muscles

Ultra sexxy Iron Fire is strutting her muscles on a stipper pole.
Ultra sexxy Iron Fire is strutting her stuff in a unique venue here on the stripper pole.
Watch her work her magic up and down the pole, posing for you her awesome muscles n physique . . . stripping for you to show off even more of that incredible musculature. She gets down to topless and pec bounces the pole, incredibly sexxy. Sit back and get ready to really be entertained as if you were in a gentleman’s club . . . a muscle gentleman’s club!!!

Iron Fire is continuuing her stripper pole dance getting down on the stage and crawling around, she is topless and bounces her pecs over and over again for you. She then takes the action to the floor where she really gets down n sexxy for your eyes only!!!

IronFire is definitely on fire in this video. She is on the ground posing her awesome muscles for you, moving so sexxily for you and then she strips down to the buff and humps away at the couch pillow with some wild hair flying thru the air!
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Holliemeets Mr Biggz

Hollie is invited to a house in L.A, where she knows she will meet Mr Biggz and soon she finds out as to why they call him Mr Biggz, as he makes her suck on his enormous big black dick and then fucks her with it.
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