Angelique – Emergency Nurses

Emergency Nurses

Emergency Nurses

If any scene is a certified SCORE Classic, this hospital scene between Angelique and Minka, shot in London, is pure gold. Here is a big-titted classic encounter between two hyper-sexed SCORE Girls. At this hospital, the models are the patients. They are also the nurses and the doctors.

Nurse Minka enters the room to tend to Angelique who is in for a chipped fingernail. After checking Angelique’s chart, Minka makes a straight line for Angelique’s huge jugs. Minka’s boobs are ready to fall out of her uniform as she leans over Angelique. Angelique sees Minka’s colossal tits and wants to suck on them. How the photographers controlled themselves is a mystery.

A horny therapy session ensues with nipple sucking. Both mega-stars have nice, dark bushes that are hairy but trimmed. Today’s shaved pussy trend has made bush ladies hard to find. The girls fuck each other with toys including a double-headed dong. Minka fucks Angelique with a strap-on that she keeps in her nurse’s utility belt.

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  2. I never made it to M'dina when in Malta – we only had a few days there. Now I'm so disappointed I didn't go! Looks lovely, and now has me earmarking Malta for a second look. Would be happy to put my feet up at the Gleneagles bar on Gozo again too…

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